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Make sure to leave the accommodation in the same way you would like to find it. Traveling with your pet is a privilege. Do not lose it.

Keep your dog under control at all times. Other tourists may not like or bother that your pet licks, kisses, or jumps on you. Although we know our dog and we know how affable it is, other people do not and can be scared.

Always carry a bed for your dog and a blanket to cover the sofa in the accommodation, in case your dog has a habit of climbing.

If your pet is long haired or traveling during the molting season, make sure there is a vacuum cleaner in the holiday home.

If you go to visit the area, do not leave your pet alone and locked up all day. Try to find a place where you can be. You can find a babysitting service for pets.

Respect the housing restrictions. The establishment has no obligation to accept your pet.

Keep special attention to the depositions of your pet.

Adapt to the cultures and customs of the countries you visit. It is likely that our pet is culturally not seen as friendly as we see it.

Always comply with local regulations (prohibition of pets on beaches, obligation to tie pets within the boundaries of the establishment ...). Better avoid problems with local justice during your vacation.

The same respect must be applied towards the people who live in the place. For example: some French restaurants accept pets that behave correctly.